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    Uber car rental London

    Did you know that, each day, over hundreds of new drivers join Uber and currently Uber is working with more than 3 million drivers in 60 different countries? Don’t you think that it is because they can earn for a living easily? If so, why not you join? Note that in order to join Uber you will need an Uber car rental or any other PCO car accepted by Uber. In this article we are going to read more about Uber car rentals and make it clearer for those who plan to join Uber from now! There is also a step by step guide to join Uber.

    You can read about the items below through this article

    • Why Uber?
    • What cars are accepted by Uber?
    • Where to find an Uber car rental?
    • What Uber car rental is the best choice?
    • How to join Uber?
    • Conclusion

    Why Uber?

    Although Uber was not the innovator in rideshare apps, currently it is the most well-known PHV operator in the world and is available in more than 60 countries. By having over 3 million riders, it can be said that Uber is kind of the most reliable rideshare app. All these make it Uber a reasonable choice for those who want to work as a PCO driver and all the passengers who look for a private hire cab for transportation to pick.

    What cars are accepted by Uber?

    Uber accepts the car which meet the TfL requirements including:

    • PHVs under 18 months old must be zero emission capable (ZEC) and meet the Euro 6 emissions standard when licensed for the first time
    • PHVs over 18 months old must have a Euro 6 (petrol or diesel) engine when licensed for the first time

    You can read the full requirements through TfL official website. Note that those PCO companies which offer you PCO rental car plans, meet the mentioned requirements. In other words, an Uber car rental can be simply found through PCO car rental companies. The point is the companies offer Uber ready vehicles which means you don’t need to get any other certificate for the vehicle. In addition, some of the PCO companies provide free documentation upload for every Uber car rental.

    Where to find an Uber car rental?

    If you are planning to join Uber without using your own car, you will need to search through PCO companies to find the best plan fits you. PCO car companies in London are not rare but finding a good PCO company which both offer top plans with good services and lower fees is not that easy. G&M Direct Hire is one of the companies you can see top PCO cars which are suitable for Uber car rental as well.

    All you need to do is to choose the car, pay the rental fee and receive your Uber ready vehicle!

    What Uber car rental is the best choice?

    Often, PCO car companies offer a vast range of vehicles to make it more optional for drivers to choose their favorable vehicle, but it is good to know which cars are the best for joining Uber. Estimation shows, Kia Niro (full electric) is one of the most popular choices among the drivers. But why is this vehicle that much preferred to be an Uber car rental?

    It is probably because Kia Niro is not only an environmentally friendly vehicle, but also the appearance is sport and classy at the same time. As this vehicle is a full electric Uber car rental lots of extra expenses are removed as well which can lead you to save more money. Besides, by having a full electric Uber car rental, you can be a part of the clean air plan of Uber and not only be involved in Uber’s buying car fund but also reduce charging fees of different parts in London. Isn’t it cool?

    Another popular Uber car rental is Nissan leaf which is full electric, too. You can find both of the mentioned vehicles through G&M Direct Hire.

    How to join Uber?

    After preparing an Uber car rental, you are ready to join Uber by doing the steps below:

    1. Go to the official website of Uber and register. If you already have an account, simply sign in.
    2. Read the requirement parts to see if you are eligible to join or not. The requirements are being 21 or older, having minimum 3 years of driving experience, having an Uber car rental or a PCO car, having a valid PCO license, a valid driver license and being eligible to work in the UK. Note that you need to provide valid insurance as well.
    3. Complete the forms and add a bank account number.
    4. Fill the related forms to your preferred contracts (part time or full time)
    5. Wait to receive activation from the Uber supporting team.
    6. Start your job as an Uber driver.
    7. Congratulations on your new job role!

    Before joining Uber please read all the terms and conditions and then check the agree box so that you are completely aware of their expectations.


    As Uber is expanding its areas of expertise, they are frequently hiring new drivers. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a part time job to boost their earnings or even for those who want to have a full time job and be their own boss. Joining Uber is simply done by meeting the requirements and having an Uber rental car or any other PCO vehicle which is accepted by Uber and TfL company. All you need to do is to hire an Uber car rental, register through the official website of Uber and you are hired!

    In this article we provided necessary information about Uber car rental and mentioned 2 of the most popular Uber car rentals. We also mentioned a section of how to join Uber step by step and where to find the best Uber car rental plans. Hope reading this article would be useful to you.

    Uber PCO car hire
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